It is a time of strife, a time of upheaval, a time of Revolution! Your beloved city has plunged into chaos, desperately waiting for someone to assume leadership and give the city direction. You are more than willing to take up the challenge, but so are a handful of otherRead More →

Searching for a home can come with excitement and plenty of unseen situations whether you are a novice or a veteran buyer. Unexpected bidding wars can result in frustration and panic, and in today’s buyers-market, bidding wars have become a very common occurrence. Last year alone, 51% of buyers inRead More →

Despite Chicago being considered the front-runner for the 2016 summer Olympics, the city of Tokyo in Japan is confident that they will secure the athletic spectacle. Their confidence and hopes are placed in making a bid for the ‘compact’ games; all the venues will be within a six mile radius.Read More →